I lost the most precious love of my son my heart and my soul was ripped from me last night Balou ran out snuck out the door and then there was a rabbit and he flew after him I ran with his leash and jetted to him told him he needs to get back on the side of the road and in fear I ran to him he was running back in and a drunk driver came and drove fastest i ever seen and Balou was hit on impact and i rushed screaming crying holding him in my arms we looked into eachothers eyes and he took his final breath and I lost it I couldn't move my dad wrapped him in his favorite blanket wrapped with hope faith and peace and I couldn't take it I know his spirit wasnt there but I went back in the back of the truck and I just kissed him and held him and couldn't let go my mom had to get me out the truck let me know he knew how much I loved him and it wasnt anyone fault and had to pull me off of him ... why God why would you take my baby from me .. why are there horrible people in this world .. he didnt stop he didnt break he didnt do anything .. happened so quickly and his curiously took the best of him he was happy living his best life and found away to sneak by the door I keep replaying over and over again .. I dont know how I m going to get through this.. so my family is cremating his ashes and putting Balou Bear in a Urn and celebrating his life and also starting a support group together as well as justice for every family pets can have a voice and to fight for them .. how can you hit a park car and theres consequences you hit a human and run that's man slaughter why is it not the same for Pets who are family .he didnt deserve that he was my everything my baby my life why did this happen I'll never know .. I never been so heartbroken in my life .. I'm gonna fight for him Balou will not be in vain and Balou is gonna be known .. we had the best day we played outside got new toys new treats took him on a beautiful walk .. but now hes in heaven and I'm going to fight for him each day and let his voice be heard animals lives matter <3 if anyone knew Balou they know the love and beauty he is ... things happen so suddenly I wish it could have been me I dont wish this hurt on anyone .. i have apts for dr and getting help because I'm not doing well ..please lift my family in prayer and send Balou off to the Angel's he was my angel my love my heart <3