I just recently lost my 23 years old daughter who was 5 months pregnant 💔😭. It is devastating, and very painful. I don't think I'll be able to cope with this. Im kind of lost.

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I am so deeply sorry for your pain and loss. I find myself at a loss for words because there are none that could come close to being remotely adequate. Please know you're not alone in your grief, loss and confusion. No one should ever experience the brutal heartbreak of losing a child.
I lost my amazing son, Carter, also 23yrs old at the time of his murder, on Christmas eve night at 11:20pm. I will never be ok again and I will never be the person, mother & wife I was before and that's ok. We've lost a huge part of ourselves as mommies when our child is ripped from our hearts & arms so suddenly and no amount of time or tears will ever change that or ease the pain & trauma of it all. I find myself seeking time alone, to remember, take inventory of every single moment in time with my precious son be them mundane daily life or special occasions. I can't forget anything, I must be sure to hold on, to remember, so I can hold on to my baby, keep him HERE WITH ME in my heart mind. I write letters to Carter. I write about Carter, his life, from conception to his last days spent in joy, love & happiness together. I often feel lost, like I'm losing my mind and the question that, like you, remains unanswered. Yet we both seem to doing it, one second, minute, hour, day, week and so on at a time. All the while our hearts and minds never wavering in our constant vigil of love, loss and grief.
You're not alone, we all are with you and send our love, light & prayers to both you and your lovely Angel Daughter & her innocent babe.

Aww thanks. Your words make me feel a little bit much better. Thank you so much. Waking up knowing that I'll never ever would be able to rub my daughter belly or listen to my daughter voice, break my heart in millions pieces. And what's really killing me is that right now they're inside a freezer waiting for me to collect all the money, for the funeral expenses, so that I can be able to buried them. Her father passed away years ago, her grandparents also passed away few months ago and im doing all this by myself 😢💔. All i want is for my 2 babies to rest in peace. Even though they are dead i feel like they are cold in that freezer.

Several of us are experiencing several losses at once. It is OK to feel lost and confused as none of these unexpected developments make sense. From my own experience in attending to my 23 years old Daniel, I strongly recommend that you find the money for a small incineration/funeral ASAP. The longer the bodies are decomposing, the more traumatic it is to deal with. Also, most churches now offer virtual memorials in place of funerals that celebrate the life of our beloved ones in a safe manner at minimal expenses. Better do something small and online now than wait to do bigger, public funerals in the future. Good luck and sorry for your loss!

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